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Do work you love, for people you like, who pay you what you worth.

SME’s, micro businesses and sole trader surveyors and valuers often tell us they find it hard working in isolation, the pressure of being the one to make all the decisions in their business with no support or on the receiving end of a constant stream of well-intentioned advice. The problem is whether you work for yourself or have stepped into management we are very often not trained or supported in how to manage people let alone businesses.

It’s a worry, the risk of being on your own and making a mistake in your business. It’s an additional layer of stress you were maybe expecting, but didn’t think it would be so isolating. You might feel stuck. You might even be questioning if this is the right job or industry for you. So why did you become a surveyor in the first place? Like, really? Wouldn’t it be great to start to feel in control of all of that?

The Surveyor Hub Mastermind is facilitated by Marion Ellis FRICS CCXP, an experienced surveyor with not only a strong background in defect and valuation claims but also a qualified life coach and customer experience specialist. Over three months, together with a small group of qualified surveyors and valuers, you will learn, discuss, challenge and grow both personally and professionally and create the network of support you need. Developing your confidence as a business owner to shape your practice and create a business that not only works but feels like the right place to be.

The Power of a Mastermind

In a traditional mastermind a group of people meet weekly, monthly or even daily to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and crucially do business with each other when appropriate, often working to refer each other. The groups often limit the type and variety of industries and professions who are members to avoid competition.

This is not that kind of mastermind. There is no selling or obligation to refer or recommend. The Surveyor Hub Mastermind is a group of like minded people, diverse in terms of the range and depth of their surveying career. No one knows everything and even when you do think you know something, it’s time for fresh thinking and to push through barriers and blockers.

In The Surveyor Hub Mastermind we focus on different topics and aspects of small business in each session. There are two fundamental parts to the Mastermind. Firstly to contribute – to give as well as receive. No matter what level of experience you have as a surveyor or in business, you are always able to question, give suggestions and inspire others even if you don’t feel very inspiring.

What makes The Surveyor Hub Mastermind special are the relationships you form not just the learning and personal growth you experience.

Sharon Slinger FRICS CIWFM

Director, Constructing Rainbows Ltd

The Mastermind has been a great opportunity for me to take time out and work on my business. As a microbusiness, this also includes how I manage my time and my well-being, because me being at my peak performance means my business is, too.

Marion has a way of really unpicking what your barriers are, she doesn’t let you shy away from the core issues that some of us want to avoid (putting them in the too hard basket) and comes forward with practical tips and resources about how (and why) they can be addressed.

The other benefit of the mastermind is being in a group of like-minded people who are also in a similar situation. Being able to discuss as a group, can actually help you formulate your own ideas about how to resolve problems, and they are also there to help you celebrate your successes too!

Making an Impact

The second focus for the Mastermind is to do good and make an impact in your work. At BlueBox we align our work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals UN Sustainable Goals icons

It is important for us to lead by example and that’s why we prioritise goals 3, 4, 5 and 8. As we grow, we give back and do good; it’s a great feeling. If you don’t know about the goals, don’t worry, it’s something we will cover and you can explore for yourself work that adds value and makes an impact.

John Corridan MRICS MSCSI

Director, RICS Registered Valuer, Corridan Auctioneers & Chartered Surveyors

I joined the Mastermind group after learning about in on The Surveyor Hub Podcast. To say that it has exceeded expectations is an understatement – it has been excellent. It is particularly well suited to surveyors looking to connect with their strengths, to surveyors contemplating establishing their own business and to surveyors in the first five years of self-employment. It has helped me to connect with my values and to enjoy a better work life balance.

In addition, it coaches sound business principles, great productivity hacks and long term business growth strategies. Marion has put a great deal of research into the Mastermind delivery and it shows. I’ve really enjoyed being part of a small community of like minded people striving for improvement. I highly recommend the Mastermind – its fun, highly instructive and value for money.

Getting Started


£747 plus VAT
(payable monthly over the three months, if preferred)

Topics covered:

  • Ensuring your well-being
  • Discovering your surveying superpowers
  • Planning your business
  • Designing your network of support
  • Protecting your practice
  • Marketing, networking and visibility
  • Growing a business with a purpose

How it works:

  • Fortnightly calls over three months for a learning and discovery session
  • Tasks to complete and share progress in a private dedicated Facebook Group
  • Weekly accountability to keep you moving forward and making progress
  • Opportunity to join the exclusive annual The Surveyor Hub Members Club on completion

What you need to know

  • We want to make sure you are the right fit for our mastermind. The group is about giving as well as receiving support if that is not what you want to do, this isn’t what you need.
  • We are looking for qualified professionals. You may be just starting out or have been in business for some time. You may be curious about whether or not to take the leap to work for yourself or be employed. Either way, you will be on your journey to working for yourself.
  • Chatham House rules will apply, we want this a place you feel confident enough to share.
  • Member numbers will be limited to a small group to ensure everyone gets enough time.
  • We ask you to be open-minded. Even if you think you know a topic and it is not relevant to you, you still learn something new and maybe able to share your experience with others.
  • We believe no one comes to work to do a bad job, but it is easy to slip into overwhelm and failure when things aren’t going as planned, so we say, work out a new one with the right support

Emma McCluskey MCIPD AssocRICS

Director, McCluskey Chartered Surveyors

We established our business just over two years ago and were seeking some support to ensure that we were working effectively. Since joining the mastermind, we have far greater clarity about the purpose of our business and the direction we are heading. Learning about our values and how they form the foundation of our business ethos has been invaluable. This programme has also enabled us to re-frame the way we plan our working week, how we manage our finances, and the importance of allocating more time working ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ it.

From very early on, Marion created a safe environment where everyone involved felt able to share personal experiences. This transparent approach allowed everyone to be authentic and enhanced the learning of everyone within the group. It was really beneficial to have a small group as this helped to foster more honest relationships.

We would highly recommend this programme to any surveyor, especially if you are working for yourself, or thinking or setting up your own practice. This mastermind has given us the confidence to believe that we are doing the right thing, and that we have a group of people to turn to where we can ask honest questions, in a non-judgemental environment.