The Surveyor Hub Podcast

060 Valuations with Ray Simmonds

29th APRIL 2021

059 PII - Professional Indemnity Insurance Panel

22nd APRIL 2021

058 Building People with Rebecca Lovelace

15th APRIL 2021

057 Becoming a RICS Professional with Ian Jeal

8th APRIL 2021

056 Being a RICS Professional in the US with Ann Gray

1st APRIL 2021

055 The Practical Implications of Hart v Large

25th MARCH 2021

054 SME Surveyors Business Stories with Reuben Miller

18th MARCH 2021

053 Business and Personal Development with Michael Day

11th MARCH 2021

052 Party Walls and Boundary Disputes with Nicholas Isaac

4th MARCH 2021

051 How to Handle Complaints
050 Giving Back to the Community with Kelly Allen

18th FEBRUARY 2021

049 Alan Milstein from the Residential Property Surveyors Association

11th FEBRUARY 2021

048 Survey Booker and Customer Experience with Matt Nally

4th FEBRUARY 2021

047 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Rebecca Wheeler and Sau-Wan Lai

28th JANUARY 2021

046 Young Building Surveyor of the Year with Dr Samantha Organ

21st JANUARY 2021

045 Professionalism in Surveying with Peter Bolton King

14th JANUARY 2021

044 Surveyor Business Stories with Marion Ellis

7th JANUARY 2021

043 SME Surveyor Business Stories with James Brook

16th DECEMBER 2020

042 Surveying, Resilience and Rugby with John Hambly

10th DECEMBER 2020

041 Surveyor Business Stories with Malcolm Hollis

3rd DECEMBER 2020

040 Risk Management in Surveying with Emma Vigus

26th NOVEMBER 2020

039 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Robert Desbruslais

19th NOVEMBER 2020

038 Residential Surveying and Sustainability with Kate Charrington

12th NOVEMBER 2020

037 Property Care with Steve Hodgson and Phil Parnham

5th NOVEMBER 2020

036 Sustainability, Wellbeing and Interior Design with Elina Grigoriou

29th OCTOBER 2020

035 SME Business Stories with Philip Santo

22nd OCTOBER 2020

034 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Natasha Collins

15th OCTOBER 2020

033 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Nick Hanson

8th OCTOBER 2020

032 Property and Finance with Maria Wiedner

1st OCTOBER 2020

031 Claims and Compliance with Alexandra Anderson

24th SEPTEMBER 2020

030 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Michael Holden

17th SEPTEMBER 2020

029 Raising the Standards of Built Environment with Gillian Charlesworth

10th SEPTEMBER 2020

028 APC and Visibility with Kevin Keane

3rd SEPTEMBER 2020

027 Valuation and Diversity with Roy Albert

27th AUGUST 2020

026 Podcast Review So Far

20th AUGUST 2020

025 Dyslexia and Neurodiversity with Garret Kellet and Chloe Gillie

13th AUGUST 2020

024 Conveyancing With Sarah Dwight

6th AUGUST 2020

023 Women in Surveying with Mandy Spencely

30th JULY 2020

022 SME Surveyor Business Stories With Emma and Aaron McCluskey

23rd JULY 2020

021 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Rebecca Janman

16th JULY 2020

020 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Juliet Weston

9th JULY 2020

019 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Alan McKeown

2nd JULY 2020

018 Being on a Surveyor Panel with Rachel Griffiths

25th JUNE 2020

017 Men's Health week In Surveying with Aaron Daniel and Joe Ellison

18th JUNE 2020

016 SME Business Surveyor Stories with Dan Knowles

11th JUNE 2020

015 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Vanessa Hardwick

4th JUNE 2020

014 Special: Returning to Work After Lockdown

1st JUNE 2020

013 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Tim Jones

28th MAY 2020

012 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Nick Brown

21st MAY 2020

011 Special: Inspecting Residential Properties During Covid-19

12th MAY 2020

010 Mediation with Claire-Elaine Arthurs

7th MAY 2020

009 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Mark O'Halloran

30th APRIL 2020

008 Greg Harrison: PII For Residential Surveyors in an Uncertain Market

23rd APRIL 2020

007 Careers and APC with Kate Taylor

16th APRIL 2020

006 SME Surveyor Business Stories With Stephen Boniface

9th APRIL 2020

005 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Justin Mason

2nd APRIL 2020

004 Juliet Smithson of Lionheart: Support for Surveyors

26th MARCH 2020

003 Special: The Impact of Coronavirus on Surveying Community

21st MARCH 2020

002 Surveyor Hub Live: SME Surveyor Business Discussion Panel

16th MARCH 2020

001 Welcome to The Surveyor Hub Podcast

1st MARCH 2020