What We Do

What we do is driven by our commitment to making the world a better place. We imagine a world in which every bedsit, every apartment, every house is a home: safe, warm, dry and lived in, not just habitable. We want the places where we work and spend time with friends and family, to allow us to be productive, have fun and live our best lives.

We also believe no one comes to work to do a bad job and where you have support in your life, you have success. It just so happens we do this in the industry of surveying and in the sector of residential property valuation and survey in the UK. We believe it is a vision shared by many (maybe all) residential surveyors and property valuers.

And so we have shaped and are developing our business around this vision.

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The Surveyor Hub is a community of like-minded residential surveyors and valuers who do what they do, because they want to make a difference. The Surveyor Hub is a place to learn, share, give back and feel a strong sense of purpose and belonging. It’s also a valuable resource, with independent reviews and content around emerging trends and best practices. There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Leslie Milson

An invaluable source of information with a mix of insightful opinion, and sometimes humorous comment. The biggest benefit for me is the feeling that I am not alone and the confidence to realise that it is OK to not know everything.

The Surveyor Hub

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Building People

Working to create more diverse connections across the built environment


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Small Business Support

When you work for yourself, it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re on the right track and doing a good job. It can feel isolating and at times overwhelming and yet so rewarding. We are developing a series of business programmes and workshops aimed specifically at residential surveyors and valuers.

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Paul Holford, MRICS

Director - Morgan Sloane Chartered Surveyors

Bluebox have supported our growth as a small business for some time and they continue to offer valuable support and assistance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to fellow Chartered Surveyors who are looking for support in their businesses. They are not only expert Surveyors in their own right they are skilled business consultants to the surveying profession.

In-house Training

We can provide tailored and supported in house training, on a range to subjects to help you develop you skills, expertise and service to clients such as:

  • Developing technical content
  • Delivering bespoke defect training
  • Progressing from Level 1 & 2 surveys to Level 3 Building Surveys
  • Surveyor Well-being, resilience and confidence mentoring

Contact us to find out more and arrange a consultation call.

Louise Avery, BSc (Hons) MRICS

Managing Director - Avery & Co

Avery & Co have had an association with BlueBox Partners over many years. They have played a key part in our regional surveying conferences, offering a premium level of technical insight and advice to our colleagues. With their latest venture The Surveyor Hub, Marion Ellis has facilitated cross-fertilisation of ideas and solutions, helping to promote consistently high standards within residential property profession.

Conferences, Speaker Engagement

As well as our own events we are also often ask to speak at a range of industry conferences and roadshows on a variety of topics including customer experience, case law, defect investigation and industry hot topics.

For many years, BlueBox Partners has built a solid reputation in the industry by providing technical content, training and thought leadership views on property surveying, valuation and home buying and selling, as well as our own events…

Contact us to find out how we can help and follow us on social media find out what we are up to and where we will be.

Ian Russell

Head of Surveying Services - Gateway Surveyors

BlueBox provided a first-class presentation at our recent Gateway Surveyors national conference. Marion’s ideal and possibly unique perspective as a former residential practising surveyor and customer service complaints handler in a large surveying business provided her with a platform upon which she presented an empathetic, meaningful and valuable set of modern customer service tools to our surveying team.